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The Bazaar

Visitors will be able to procure items from Arab merchants for their everyday use such as fresh produce like delectable dates and spices and household goods to exquisite treasures such as jewelry, antiques and precious collectibles or immerse themselves in

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Egyptian Museum

Treasures truly abound at Arab City Malacca but the term is given literal context at its very own Museum. Outside of Egypt, the only other places where ancient Egyptian exhibits have ever been housed are in the United States of

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Arabian Oasis

A seafront with seascapes unto itself Arab City Malacca's Lagoon has been designed to not only take your breath away but to indulge your sense of fun and adventure with a variety of water themed pursuits. The Lagoon, with its

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Moroccan Hammam

The inviting and unprecedented luminary of sheer indulgence is the grand attention feted on revelers at the Moroccan Hammam. Here, one of a kind luxury and an impressive gamut of soothing and relaxing balms that have been used through the

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With a wide selection of resplendent restaurants and eateries each imbued with its own style and sampling of delectable regional cuisine, diners at Arab City Malacca are spoilt for choice. Diners can lavish on a fine dining experience or savour

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Attractions ArabCity® Facilities

  • The Bazaar
  • Egyptian Museum
  • Arabian Oasis
  • Moroccan Hammam
  • Dining

Brief Overview

Arab City Malacca is a first of its kind initiative and the flagship undertaking of the master planned Arab City concept which stems from the core premise of establishing tourism opportunities and Arab cultural exchange on a global scale. Over 4 acres of prime waterfront land on the picturesque man-made island of Pulau Malacca is undergoing an exciting and unparalleled transformation into an Arab themed world-class tourist destination.


“Souk”; a term used to describe a market place in any Arab city. Historically, souks have played an important role in the economy of Arab cities. Today, souks are an integral facet of life in the Arab world where people would visit them to find items for their everyday use such as fresh produce, spices and household goods to exquisite treasures such as jewelry, antiques and precious collectibles.

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Contact Us: About ArabCity®: Every aspect of Arab culture is vividly portrayed and implemented into Arab City Malacca. Strict attention to detail has been paid – from the lighting, interior design, product placement to employees wearing traditional costumes, in bringing an assurance to visitors that they will be treated to a true reflection of Arab life, its culture and the warm hospitality that naturally comes with it. Its Museum, which is the first of its kind in South East Asia to house Egyptian antiquities, makes Arab City Malacca a stand-alone destination. Other unique attractions like its man-made lagoon with full water sports facilities are draws Business Opportunities : Arab City Malacca invites you to participate in a golden investment opportunity. From the 154 retail spaces and 7 restaurants to choose, opportunities abound whether you are a vendor, trader or restauranter. Feel free to download the Form of Intent and the Area Floor Plans below. To save, right click and click on "Save link". Form of Intent Ground Floor Plan First Floor Plan If these information is of interest to you or if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: + 603 2143 2000/4000 Or you can send us an e-mail to: info@myarabcity.com   *All files are in PDF Format. Shop: Souk; is a term used to describe a market place in any Arab city. Historically souks have played a vital role in bringing communities together while driving the economy of a city as merchants converge to sell their wares to a ready market. Today, souks remain an integral facet of life in the Arab world. And, to the rest of the global community, souks are synonymous to the Arab culture. This is why the central focus of Arab City Malacca was to recreate an authentic insight into this important and central hub of life in the Arab world. Arab City Malacca What's New?: What's New? ArabCity® Events: ArabCity® Events Why Malacca?: The draw to the remarkable city of Malacca is many fold and impossible to ignore. Besides its warm people, sunny shores and recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, there is also sentimentality associated with Malacca's historical significance. Arab traders were among first ancient mariners who plied the old trade routes and converged at Malacca's bustling port. Having shared a meaningful past with the Arab world it seemed fitting to revisit that legacy for the future with the advent of Arab City Malacca. As a tourist attraction Malacca has displayed its potential among larger Malaysian tourist’s states. Despite its intimacy of scale Malacca is highly visible, gallery: Site Progress  ArabCityNew